Thursday, July 7, 2016

Progress Shots

I have lots on my plate right now.  I need to finish a KAL.  Hopefully I won't run out of yarn before I can bind off.

Here is my latest shot of my Tour De Fleece progress.  I think I have a couple of days before I ply.  It depends on how much time I spend spinning.

Here is my progress on my test knit hat.  I signed up for it since a hat usually doesn't take much time.  I like how its coming and you will be seeing more of this pattern.  You will definitely see a purple version.  It's nice that I can use leftover yarn from other hats.

Does this hat's color look familiar?

This is my test knit shawl.  It's at 29 repeats.  Only 19 more to go and then the decrease.

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