Monday, December 1, 2014

Hang Tags

I got a wonderful logo done by my friend Jeanne.  You can get one done too if you are an individual in the handmade industry:  When I had my jewelry business I had a concept of a logo that had been added to along the way and trust me it cost me a lot more then $100 to get something polished off the idea I had already.

I got a couple of custom stamps made too.  Here is the one you can get of your logo:  I had been hand writing my care instructions and decided that a nice stamp would be easier to read then my scrawl.  I have a "handmade by Lilie" stamp so I've been hand writing a few care instructions already.

I didn't realize how light index cards were getting.  I had bought a bunch of blank ones but then had to go to Michael's to get this 110 pound card stock.  That star is HARD to punch through 110 pound card stock!

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