Friday, December 12, 2014

Four New Stockings!

Yeah!  They are done.  I figured out why I don't sew as much as I knit or spin.  First of all there is all that ironing.  I HATE to iron.  In fact that was one of the things I told hubby when we first got married.  I don't iron.  LOL!  There is equipment to deal with.  The sewing machine has to be on a table.  Not like knitting or spinning which I can do out in the Great Room with the rest of the family.  I also had issues with the sewing machine and all the bottom thread kept bunching up and I had to rip it out and do it again.  It didn't work and I tried 2 more times and ended up changing thread before it would work right.  There is all that pinning.  You spend more time cutting and pinning then you actually spend sewing.

I need to plan to do at least one project a month sewing though.  I have a bin full of fabric that is future clothing for the family.

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