Saturday, November 22, 2014

Work In Progress (WIP)


To say I have a "few" WIP is an understatement.  I have over 20.  Now some are going to be WIP for a while.  I have 2 leftover blankets.  One for me and the other for my youngest.  They are made out of the really nice yarn that I have leftover.  I started some cardigans and then had to rip them out since I've lost almost 40 pounds since I started them.  Me and cardigans don't get a long.  I had finished one last year and just got to weaving in the ends and putting buttons on it.  It's pictured below.

Socks take me a good 1.5 months when I'm focused and a year when I'm not.  I tend to get distracted by test knits and my other crafts.  I tend to get bored too if its a bunch of just stockinette so I usually have a bunch of WIP.  Sometimes the pattern is complicated so I can only do a bit of it at a time.  I tend to keep my knitting bags and needles busy.

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