Sunday, February 5, 2017

Chicken Boots USA

This is going to be a fan girl post.  Instagram is a bad place to get introduced to new yarn, new dyers and new companies to buy stuff from.  My friend Angela has this great Neo Atsume bag that she posts in a lot of pictures.  She often gets asked where she got her project bag and her answer is Chicken Boots USA.  Now the sad part was that her bag was part of a limited run and not available any more.  The happy part was when Chicken Boots decided to do something called Egg Crates.  You had 3 choices:  chick, teen and Head Hen.  The chick was just the wallet, teen was just the tote and Head Hen was both with some bonus items.  The January Egg Crate is sold out and the next one will be in March.

This is a picture of my collection of Chicken Boots.

Here is a picture of the head hen with all the goodies.  There are different versions of the pin and pad.

Go to this page to find out the future egg crates coming.

This is the wallet (inside and outside).  This will become my travel wallet.  My every day wallet is huge with lots of cards and items.  I love that the pocket for the bills is large so it would work for those foreigner bills that are different sizes then the USA dollar.

Look how much the tote will hold!  That is 3 skeins of yarn and a fairly big shawl.

I lovely pocket in the front.  Perfect for my pattern card.

I didn't even notice there was a pocket in the back!

This is a charm keeper.  This wasn't a part of the Egg crates but extras people could get with the egg crate or separately.  I wasn't going to get this bag but I'm SO glad that I did.  I love the tote but the cute cat fabric is on the inside.

Look how much this bag can hold!!  That's why I'm glad that I got it.  I have plenty of smaller project bags that can pretty much only hold one skein of fingering weight and a sock project.

Cute fabric inside too.  You can get other fabric charm keeper here:

This was my first Chicken Boots purchase.  It was in the sale section and I got it for the yarn washi tape that came with purchase.  I have a thing for cats if you haven't noticed.  Love that its so HUGE and that it has a zipper pocket for my pattern card and tape measure.

There isn't anything there right now but don't forget to check out sale items too!

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