Friday, June 10, 2016


You may of noticed that my pictures seem different.  Well, its due to the fact that my laptop finally decided to die.  I have a Kodak camera and since Kodak is no longer in business, I can't get software for my Surface.  It's been a learning curve using the photo software that comes with Windows 10.  The pictures seem brighter but its sometimes hard to get the colors right like the pink on the robot.

This was with the Windows 10 software.  I got the pink I wanted but then the background was pink.  There was a button with Kodak that I could click and say this was suppose to be white to get the colors right.

 This again was with Windows 10 but the background is blue.

This was with the Kodak software.  The Kodak had a hard time with certain purples.  They would be more blue then purple.

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