Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tour De Fleece 2015!

Here is a picture of 3 of the braids I hope to spin.  It's a Loop Batt and then 2 JulieSpins braids.  The other two were already to go on the Mini Spinner and on the spindle.  Tour De Fleece will run Jul 4 to Jul 26.  I hope to spin at least 2 hours a day between the spindle and the spinner.


This was Day 1, Jul 4th.  I took my spindle with me when we went out of town to watch fireworks.  I got a couple of the little bundles of odds and ends done.  I plan to ply it with the Mini Spinner when its all spun up.  It's harder to ply on the spindle.  This is Into The Whirled bag of Odds and Ends.



This is my Day 2 Jul 5 so far.  I started my Woolgather July 2013 Adventure Club fiber.  I got a good start.  Back to spinning!

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