Monday, April 24, 2017

Rinse and Repeat!

More samples for Backyard Fiber Works.  When I have samples to knit, I don't get much time for other knitting or spinning.

This is the Dot Shawl sample.  I ran out of the grey but just made the border bigger.  The pattern is here:  I plan to make the larger size with the yarn below.

This Spokes Baby Blanket should get to Alice today.  The pattern is here:  Funny it was suppose to take the same amount of yarn of each color.  I had like 6 yards left of the white and like 1/2 a skein of the blue/green.  It takes according to the pattern 440 yards of worsted weight of 2 different colors.

Currently on the needles is an Everyday Shawl sample in a teal gradient.  Here is the pattern:  I had to makes some modifications to the pattern.  I did kfb & pfb instead of YO.  I slipped 1 stitch before the marker instead of 2.  Can't wait to get to the other colors!

Meanwhile I did finish spinning my 8 oz of Woolgather.  Here is a resting shot.  I need to start plying it.

I have one more sample to do after the Everyday Shawl and then hopefully is back to finishing WIP and not starting more of them. LOL!

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