Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last Post of 2016!

Been busy cooking.  Always starting new project and trying to finish projects too.  I also won a $100 gift certificate giveaway by Backyard Fiberworks on Instagram!  I can't wait to get the yarn.

My last handspun yarn for the year.  I won't start another one till Jan 2017.

I love this pattern for wash clothes.  This is my second one and I have yarn enough for 2 more.  Great use of the cotton bon bons I got last Christmas.

Another Christmas ornament that uses the bon bon yarns.  Great small free pattern.

My hat.  I need to finish it before its 2017.  My third one from the same pattern.

My felted slippers!  I have to knit another pair for my daughter and then I hope I don't have to knit it again for a while.

My husband likes slippers.  This is his third pair.  Just in time since the last one had a hole that I covered and then the other slipper developed a hole too!

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