Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Progress

More WIP pictures and a FO!!

I had to cut this pattern short for fear of running out of yarn.  I only did 6 of the 10 repeats of the last section.  I'm constantly running out of yarn for projects.  I knit very loose and therefore use more yarn.

I'm getting close.  Now its just the bind off but its like 5 rows that only bind off 2 stitches.  Hopefully it won't be too long before its a FO.

I got some length done on this while waiting for a sports physical for my daughter.  It was a long wait.

This is my favorite WIP right now.  It's two colors but you only work with one color for 2 rows.  I like how its coming out.

This is my first bead project and I like it.  There are beads on the top and I have only 18 more repeats then its going to be short rows.  Once I get through the repeats it should go fast.

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